Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordful Wednesday

Typically people do wordLESS wednesday, but I am feeling I will do random thoughts and favorite pics.

First pictures:

This picture was taken at a party a few weeks ago. I love it! My face is all scrunched up, but I love how carefree I look.

This is my little sister on nerd day. She looked so cute in this picture. She did this pose without knowing I was going to snap the pic. She is normally pretty sheepish about pics, but this picture captures her true personality--silly!

Santa Soul. One of my coworkers played Santa at a Christmas Party last night. He was hesitant to do it,but he said it was so fun that he wants to do it yearly. He made several kids very happy! He also made several babies cry. Who doesn't love a black guy dressed up in all red?
I'd like to see another special guy all dressed up in red ;)

This is my niece. Taken last week. Doesn't she look so trendy, yet smart?

When I wake up in the morning, between the time I open my eyes and get out of bed, I have a lot of random thoughts. This morning, I had such profound thoughts that I wanted to blog about, now I remember none of them. How profound, right?

These are on my mind now:
I am giddy about going to the gym this afternoon. It's a triple threat-great class, a friend who I haven't seen in awhile is meeting me there, and "Lamar" should be there.

I am hungry.

I want to RUN. But I need new shoes. I am trying not to run too much in my gym shoes.

8 more days until vacation! I was also asked to run in Central Park. Yay--can't. wait. I loved running in the city.

I have also decided to throw my name in the 2012 NYC Marathon Lottery. I hope I don't get picked, because my BFF is getting married in 10/12, but I want to get started on the lottery way of getting. Murphy's law is I will get picked. If I get picked, I will either defer OR run it.

Hmm...I really wish I could remember those profound thoughts.


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