Friday, December 2, 2011

100 mile November challenge, December is HERE, sweet friends, hills and 31 days of change in the past year...

Yesterday was so busy. Today was also very busy. I started doing this post this morning, and I am just now getting around to finishing it. 

I did not get around to closing out November, and starting December, so I wanted to back up and do that.

I ended November coming in very close to my goal of reaching my 100 mile challenge. I came in at a very respectable 89.95 miles...if I had known I was .5 short of 90 miles, I would have stayed on the elliptical an extra few mins. Oh well...I am proud of myself. Here is my messy calendar that I kept track of my workouts/miles. Please don't mind that the calendar is an '10 calendar, not a '11 calendar. I didn't notice that until the 23rd, which was my sister's

December will be a short month for me. I am going to NYC on the 24th, and I'm not sure what type of workouts I will get out for this month, I will just work at maintaining my current level of fitness and continuing to wean off of the processed foods. I did very well today, btw!

After this mornings raw post, I opened my Facebook and came across this message:

Totally made my day! Colleen is my trainer friend who lives in SC. Too bad she can't move here and whip me into shape. She is a strong crossfit/tri athlete. Bad ass!

On to today's workout. Since I didn't do my speed work yesterday, after a long day at work, I willed myself back to:

For roughly 4 miles of speed work. My emphasis was really on hills, so I did some sprints/intervals, but I focused on going up and down this incline:

Ahh, felt so good!

On the way home,  it was a little, I stopped and got a small sf/ff French vanilla cappuccino. 

For December, I'd like to remember the things I did this every time I blog, I'll add one thing I did that I felt got me closer to my goal of self acceptance and/or my current state of being.

When I thought of doing this, the first thing that popped into my head is getting my arm lift in July. Like I said,I've lost a lot weight (100 pds). With weight loss, comes sagging skin. I finally bit the bullet and got my arm skin removed. Everyday I look in the mirror and thank God I made that decision for ME!

My clothes fit better, I can wear tank tops, I do not feel like an old woman...I finally feel like ME!!

Also, I lied a bit about just maintaining my current fitness level. I also think I may do a push up challenge --

Night, night! (yes I realize it's 9:30 on a Friday night, but I have a date with my running shoes and some ladies at 7:15am!)

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