Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday fun day!

Today had been a long day. I'm actually just getting home.

My day begun at 7:15. I met my beautiful Black Girl Run group for a large group run. We were supposed to start the run at 7:45, but I actually left my house at 7:45--oops, so I started around 8:10. I ended up running with a girl who was also late. One advantage to being in a black girl's running group is that we all seem to run on CP time ;)

It was a great run! I got to know a new person and it was so nice seeing all of the black girl running faces. It's such a warm, welcoming fun group! I met a lot of new people and it was like we were old friends.

After the run, one of the members (who is a yoga instructor) led us in a stretching yoga routine. In the middle of the park. Woohoo! Very cool.

This is me when I got home. I did a fake tree pose:

I'm meeting a smaller group tomorrow for speed work outs.

I just did 3 miles and yoga today...but I've eaten like i did a marathon :/

After the run, and a hot shower, I went to the mall. My sister and niece tagged along. This is my niece in Claire's. She grabbed a pair of glasses to try on:

After the mall, we went to basketball. My sister is super timid and afraid of fouling people. She is a great shooter, but can be very nonchalant about blocking girls. Before the game, I may or may not have threatened her that if she didn't play hard, I would spank her on the court. 1. I have never spanked her and 2. She listened. She played hard and good! She also scored 3 of the 19 points! The girls won!! 

This is them saying bye to the opposing team

These girls have heart! ~I would not have spanked her if she didn't play hard. I just wanted to motivate her!~

After basketball, we went to dinner. This was my fortune cookie:

I have been super, super, SUPER inpatient about the Lamar situation. My good friend has been telling me to BE PATIENT! This fortune cookie made me smile. The universe must be telling me to chill the fuck out!

I also went to a few more stores. I got a new suitcase and mittens for my trip in ONE WEEK!

I am now drinking wine and eating cookie dough....

A good ending to a good day!

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