Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Saturday!!

Happy Saturday!

I've had a nice, relaxing day. 

After my run and cappuccino last night, I did not sleep when my alarm went off at 6:30, I cried a little. I may or may not have looked like this little girl:

I was a good girl and got up to meet my running buddies for a run. I was secretly hoping we would go short. I was lucky. We just did three miles. It was a nice run. Very relaxing, with good company. We also did some running on a trail, which was a nice change. I also paced a girl to run her first 3 miles without stopping--woohoo! She did great!

Whenever I run, I think I look like this:

But then, I will catch myself in a car reflection and see this:

Don't you hate that? Whenever I see this, I always vow to never eat again or to run harder.

But then the run ends, and I realize that I really looked like the first lady ;)

After leaving the ladies, I thought about adding 2 more miles, but I need new shoes. I have been having crazy leg pain due to needing them, so I decided to just call it a day!

After the run, I came home and showered...and 'rested', which is really code for being lazy! I finally willed myself to leave the house and get some stuff done. I've finally decided to move out of my parent's home, so I went to look at a few apartments. I realized that I want this:

But can only afford this:

Bummer. Insert crying kid tantrum 

Anyway, I got over it and decided that in February/March when I'm finally ready to move, something will come along that is perfect for me and my cat. I can not wait to move!! I am already daydreaming about how life will be once I move.


I have really missed living alone. I'm a loner by nature so alone time is very important for my rejuvenation. I wish I could move in January, but I think February/March will make more sense. 

I said every time I blog, I will reflect on something that occurred this year. Today I am thankful for stepping out of my comfort zone this year. I moved back to Houston, from NYC, a little over 2 yrs ago. The first yr, I spent wallowing in being here and away from my NYC friends. I also was on the hunt for a husband. However, this yr, I've spent a lot of time on self discovery. I have realized that while I still want a mate, I also want/NEED friends. So, I took a HUGE step and joined a meet up group AND a running group. Hello, friends!  Isn't it funny how when you step out of your comfort zone, your immediate thought is, "why did it take me so long?"

I will now go back to enjoying my peppermint oreos (I know, I know!) and my:

Peace out!

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