Friday, December 16, 2011


I feel BLAH today. Not sure why I feel blah. But I do.

I didn't workout yesterday. Thursday has evolved into my day of rest. I did have fun cheering my sister on at her basketball game.

Here are some cute pics-

My niece drinking her "illegal juice". She LOVES the games. She calls it "Carrington Basketball". After the game, she normally runs on the court to meet Carrington and jabber about bball. She also holds her hand out for whatever is being passed out. She got a juice before we could grab her!

Carrington and her sidekick. Addy thinks Carrington is the beesknees.

I am not sure if I will be able to work out today.

Work calls.
Happy Hour calls.
Lamar hasn't called.

 I think I need to do more stalking. I told a friend last night that if he didn't call or ask me out again, I was going to stalk him until I wore him down. My friend was like, "We really ARE twins"...she met her husband at a gym, and stalked him, also. She has given me stalking tips ;)

I was being all zen about it. Now I am being all paranoid and crazy. My poor friends ;)

Alright, work calls.


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