Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What a long day!

It all started at 4:45am when I woke up, early, for spin. I pleaded with myself to go back to sleep, but I never listen to me. I laid in bed until 5:10, then got up to head to spin for 5:30. I started taking spin in April or May. I loved the class, especially the Tuesday class instructor. It was nice to be back in the class, and following someone's instructions, but also able to daydream and zone out. Nice 60 mins! 

When I came home, I did day 1 of my hundred pushup challenge. I did my initial test yesterday. I was able to do 11 push ups, so I started in the third/most advanced column of the challenge.  I could only get through four sets, which equals 34 push ups. First, ouch. Second, fail. I need to make it through 5 sets. I definitely have something to work towards. I may also do the sit up challenge.

This morning while getting ready for work, I had a pants freak out. I tried on one pair and they were super snug. I put on another pair, but the zipper was broken. I immediately decided that I was going to man woman up and get some "adult" pants. This evening after work, I went to the Loft and got 3 pairs of work pants, 1 pair of trouser pants and 1 sweater! All for 111.00! I am so excited--for the clothes and the cheap prices. I almost squealed in the store, but I remained "adult" and acted unfazed by all of the discounts. #Iamturning30in6months. I have to be on my grown woman status, ;)

To end the day, we went to cheer my little sister on at basketball! It was the first game of the season. They did really well and woman. Go Storm...uh, I mean Shock. I think that's their team name. 

To give a report on food, I did ok today...I did have a biscotti, 4 cookies and ice cream, geez... Victory is I was going to have 3 more cookies, but put them back. I decided my new rule will be to ask the obvious, "Nichelle, do you really NEED that?"...surprise, surprise, the answer is usually a NO!

Tomorrow will strive to do better.

Alright, time for bed! Night, night!

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