Monday, December 26, 2011

Enroute Saturday

I'm on the plane to NYC. This has been my first time to sit down and write in several days. The days leading up to vacation are always so busy. 

A lot has been happening, and nothing has happened...

I'll start with the nothing--I am not basking in the love glow of Lamar lol. I am not sure if that is a bad or good thing. I'm going to go with a good thing. We have texted, but no second dates... So I'm going to say, either he lost interest or he lost interest. I was going to say he is probably busy or other excuses, but that is bs. So anyway, I am cool. I am entering the new year single and ready for new adventures. Nothing wrong with that.

On to what has been happening:

~Work is over for the year. I love my work, but I need a break.
~I played fake Santa yesterday and did two drop offs to families. It was nice seeing people outside of my work role. 
~I have a cold--boo!
~Exercise has been good this week.
~Eating has not been that good :/

Since this is a slogging/fitness blog, I'll stick with that.

For the last 2-4 weeks, my body has been tired. I still workout, but I don't always WANT to workout. So...I've been allowing my body to decide my workouts. This past week, my body wanted to spin, so it spun. I went to spin 3 times, body pump once, ran once. I wanted to run this morning, but due to my cold and early flight, I bailed. I did bring a few workout outfits to get some sweating in while I'm in NYC.

When I get back home,  I plan to have one week of rest...and then Half training starts.

I'm running the Rock n' Roll half in DC, in March. I'm nervous and excited. I'm excited because I get to spend the weekend with a good friend. I'm nervous because I want to PR. My last half time was 2:57. I think I can PR from that. I'm a much stronger runner, and I will be doing regular speed workouts. However, I'm still nervous! 

I will also do a few 5 and 10ks before the half. 

I have not decided what training plan I want to follow, but I think I will do a Hal program. He is always reliable.

Now on to eating...

I have been teetering for about a month. I have been keeping a calendar of my workouts and the days I overeat. Well, December has not been a good month. I think my brain got wind of this crazy "no sugar" idea and has let loose. I am trying not to go hog wild, but at the same time, I'm not really watching.

I wish I was one of those people that lost their appetite when they are sick. Unfortunately, my appetite is as strong as ever...

Alright, over and out, I'd like to sleep...but the people next to me are having a feast. I want to ask for a taste ;)

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