Friday, December 9, 2011

Hey guys!!

It's been a while since I posted. Thursday and Friday are normally my busy days at work. Makes going into the weekend easier, though. I'm nice and drained by Friday evening. 

Let me go back and fill you in on my week:

Wednesday was the last day of my Athletic Training class :( I loved that class. But before I get into why I loved the class, I will say, that I spent 30 mins on the  elliptical

While listening to this song on repeat! My pandora and slacker radio apps were not working on my phone!

However, my crush "Lamar" was on the floor with a client, so I got copious amounts of Lamar stalking...uh, watching

After my 30 mins on the elliptical, I went to class. "Lamar" is one of the trainers who instructs the class. Truth be told, I only stayed faithful to the class because he is there. Every week, I go and I try to talk to him, but I get all chocked up and stumble some stuff out--we've waved at each other, smiled, said hello a few times, and he waved at me in my car. I also notice he knows my car, he always looks at my car when I drive in and does a little head  nod. However, other than those small things, I didn't know if he liked me or not.

Well, last week he wasn't in class. This week when I went outside, I didn't see him, so I assumed he wasn't going to be there again. Well, right before class starts, his beautifulness walks out ~fans self~

Class starts. We get into our stations and coincidentally I started by his section (I promise that I didn't work it that way!) Right before class starts, I notice him playing around with a different girl. It kind of stung and I told myself to just let it go! So I put myself heart into my workout. I really DO love the workout. 

So anyway, soon enough we were in his section. He walks over to me and starts complimenting my form, etc. Well at one point, we are standing next to each other. I causally say, "so you just started here, right? Are things getting busier?"...he says "it's getting there"..and that's that.

Well, I start doing the drill--dragging a heavy ass tire. He walks over and I am bent down dragging a tire. His 6'4 self is standing over me. We have this conversation quietly:

He says: Do you have a husband? 
I say: no (while freaking the fuck out!!)
He says: boyfriend??
I say: nope. Do you have a girlfriend?
He says: no
I say: I am assuming you don't have a husband?? (insert corny joke)
He starts laughing.

At that point, there was an awkward silence...and I ask how old he is. He is 28.

He asks me, and kind of bugs his eye at me being 29 (old lady lol) However, he tells me that isn't a big difference.

He then says, get ready for it, "can we keep in touch after class??"

I said as nonchalantly as possible, "sure"

I am telling you guys, all four of my readers, that I wanted to jump out of my skin.

To give a bit of dating history on me, I have crushes sometimes, but I never, ever get approached. I'm not ugly, i don't think; but I don't get approached. I'm still reeling over the fact that someone I've been crushing so hard over also liked me.


After class, we exchanged numbers. Since he looks like Lamar O, and this is something I have told him...I jokingly told him he was going in my phone as Lamar. Lol.  He has a great sense of humor and started laughing. Good guy!

Now comes the fun part...we wait!

We did text a bit on wednesday night and a bit on Thursday morning, but nothing since then. I'm trying not to freak out.

The four of you readers, I'm asking for your positive thoughts. I've had a lot of unlucky in love history. I'm due for a good, nice guy.

I do think I'm entering this much healthier than past things. With past flings, I've always entered thinking my ex will come back into the picture. Since my ex is officially cut off, I don't have him looming over my head. I've also spent the last 18 months single, and the last 6 months really focusing on ME. So while I will be majorly disappointed if things don't progress or whatever...I will be OK. I am just so excited that this guy who I liked so much, liked me!! It was all so surreal and sweet. I wish I could bottle up the feelings I felt that night.

Ok, gush fest over!

Thursday was a much needed rest day. I actually fell asleep at 6:30pm last night, and didn't wake up until 6:30 am! I slept hard and good. I needed that!

Friday has been busy, busy, busy! We had our agency christmas luncheon, plus an employee breakfast, plus a team meeting. Very exhausting.

To unwind after work, I went for a nice run here

I love that trail.

My eating hasn't been great, but not horrible either. I'm in a place where I'm allowing myself to eat whatever I want. Surprisingly I feel more in control. I'm not eating a lot of junk. I'm just eating a small bit of what I want. I have made it a requirement that I journal my intake. I've journaled everyday this week.

Going back to athletic training class. Aside from Lamar being there, I love the class. It's a boot camp style class, but it also uses team work, etc.  I loved it! I also fell in love with how supportive the personal trainers are. We had people of all shapes, size and abilities in the class. They encouraged us all! There was one girl who reminded me of myself when I was heavier. She came almost every class and did her best. She could never run the full cool-down lap, and was always the last one. The trainers always waited for her before ending the class. It warmed my inner fat girl heart that she was valued just like the thinner girls. The last class was special, we all bonded in that class. I will miss it!

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