Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The weekend of indulges...

I just got back from a fun weekend away. I spent the weekend in San Marcos. I went down with my sisters, my niece and my mother. We used to do trips like this all of the time, but as my sister and I have gotten older, we don't do girl's trips as much. So we all decided to get away for the weekend.

Like all family trips, we laughed, cried, fought, and ATE.

We are all eaters in my family, so we all sort of center vacation around dessert and eating. Since my NY resolution was giving up sweets (80/20), I knew I'd probably indulge. However, I didn't want to pig out. I did eat past satisfaction saturday night. Sunday night, I was able to reign it in a bit.  Monday...I had full on "I don't care" moment, and had a piece of apple pie after my dinner.

When I got up this morning, I felt bloated and remorseful. I went through three pairs of pants before finding one that didn't hurt to button. I vowed to never indulge again!

We all know how that goes...

On the way to work, when I wasn't so charged about not being able to fit my pants, I realized that indulging was ok. I also had a lightbulb moment. So many people say to eat/think like a skinny person. I used to always think, 'but skinny people hardly eat'...this morning I realized, skinny people DO indulge. However, after they indulge, they 'detox'. I am not sure if it's a conscious decision, but you rarely see thin/healthy people indulging everyday.

So...for the next few days, I will be 'detoxing'...no crazy detoxes, but just not eating sweets (going back to my resolution). I will also be eating cleaner foods in an effort to reduce some bloat.

This morning I got up and went to Spin. It was such a great class! I felt bloated and gross, but it felt good to be moving.

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Run Amy Run said...

I subscribe to the philosophy of everything in moderation. I wouldn't dream of passing up indulgences on a family trip. I applaud your resolve to back off now that your fun weekend is over. It's all about finding the balance. You're there.