Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday fun day!

Today has been a long full day! It all started this morning when I woke up to meet my BGR girls for a run. The park that we were scheduled to meet at is a new park that I've never been to. I got lost! On the way there, it was drizzling and as I got closer and closer to the location of the park, the rain got harder. 

The temps were reading like this:

So I decided to punk it out and hit the dry gym.

I went to spin with maniac Marcus. His class was intense. After 50 mins, I was spent...but I promised myself I'd do at least 2 miles on the TM. So I did. It was not fast or effortless, but it felt good to stick to my word.

When I got home, my sister let me know that my dad had bought donuts. I tried one, but it just didn't taste like they normally do, so I threw the rest away. Win for me!

After being lazy all morning, and half the afternoon, I went to watch my sister play basketball.

 Shock (her team) shock in that. They've only lost 2 games.

After the game, my mom and I went to "my" new house to check it out and see what needs to be done. The contractors she hired did A LOT, but there still needs a bit more work. So once they finish, I can clean and move in. Woohoo...soo real, soo scary. I'm mostly freaked out about money. But it's time. 

I am so excited to decorate. I am already thinking about color schemes in the kitchen and living room. My room will be off white, lime green and black. I'm thinking my living room will be burnt pink, brown, and red. Not sure about the kitchen? Suggestions? I may use this blog as a place to test out decorating ideas.

On to other stuff-

I have only worked out 4 times this week. I'm still a bit disappointed in myself for allowing myself to take off on Wednesday. I know it's silly. So I am trying not to dwell. Tomorrow I have a speed workout scheduled with some ladies.

This is a funny pic of this guy I watch in the TM at my gym. He comes every morning, put the TM at a super high speed, and basically glides over the belt. He never actually makes contact. He also stops it's every few minutes. It's so weird!

I hope everyone had a nice Saturday! Mine has been chill and cool :)

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