Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Partially Wordless Wednesday!

You guys know how much I like to talk and explain. I can't do Wordless Wednesday without explaining the pics. These are pics I've taken over the last week that I thought were cute!

Nana and Addy at the Basketball Game.
We cheer, they text ;)
Actually, Addy has Nana wrapped around her finger.
Addy decided that she wanted to watch Caillou, so Nana hopped to it and found an episode on Youtube. 

This is this morning.
Carrington asked for my iPhone, I told her "sure."
So she snapped this pic for her home screen shot.
Carrington I was JOKING. You aren't getting my phone ;)

This is a new game I have for the kids I work with.
It's called, "Breaking the Ice."
A set of kids and I had a few intense sessions with this game.
I snapped a few of our games. This is one right before the ice was broken.

This is Carrington's team before the last quarter,
Right before they won! Go Shock!!
The little girl (number 3) standing up is going to be in the WNBA. She is an awesome player!
The rest of the girls have heart and put up a good effort.

Addy after the game.

A girl who was inactive all of her life now has two pairs of workout shoes.
Running shoes and Gym shoes.

Today feels all new and optimistic like. I am sort of unsure about some things. I have to start studying for a licensure exam in March. I am not sure what I will do career wise after that...that has me a little shaky, but other than that, I feel good and optimistic.

I was thinking about my next year. I have so many new adventures! I can't wait to start them. My number one thing I am on pins and needles about is the NYC marathon. When I entered the lotto, I was unsure as to whether or not I really wanted to do it. Now it's all I can think about. I know the odds of me getting in are not in my favor, but I am so excited about the thought! I just can't wait to start training, and run the thing!

My body hurts from head to toe from the workouts I've done this week. However, I am still excited about my workout this evening. It's the last day of Athletic Training. I love that class the most because it's interactive. I am going to miss it. I also need to do some form of cardio. I hate running on the TM, but I may end up doing that for 30 mins before AT starts.

My eating continues to improve. Yesterday I was SO hungry. I ate all day. I did choose healthy things. I also did NOT eat the cookies that were sitting on the counter screaming my name when I got home. As each day passes, this low sugar thing gets easier and easier. Yesterday, the only form of processed sugar I had one was one tiny bliss square and the Natural Creamer in my coffee. I didn't even feel the need to get into my yogurt covered almonds or raisins that I have on standby for emergency cravings.

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