Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's been a whirlwind kind of week! Sit down with a cup of coffee or something because this will be a long post!

This will be a New York City recap of sorts!

Just to rewind, I moved to New York City at the very young age of 20. I went to both undergraduate and graduate school up East. While there, I also worked at several different jobs, grew up, met wonderful friends and made New York City my home. Every year around the holidays I go up to visit my New York 'families'. I have several friends in NYC, but my two 'families' are the familes of friends who basically took me in and made me feel like New York was my home.

When I arrived on Saturday, I stayed with my friend Phyllis and her family in Long Island. I only stayed with them 2 nights, but it was so nice to be back at their house. I love their family, because it reminds me of my own. Loving, but chaotic. My friend has a 3 year old, so we did some traditional stuff with him.

We attempted to make a Gingerbread House. This was our finished product:

The kids (and I) ate more candy than we put on the gingerbread house. We also used way too much frosting on the house, but it was so fun.

You can't tell me this doesn't look like a face of excitement:

On Monday evening, after a LOONG day of shopping, I went to my friend Zoi's House.

Zoi and I went to SJU together and have been friends for several years. In our college days, we were eating and drinking buddies, but since getting older, we have matured and now have 'healthy' snacks:

That's right, we ate pickles, hummus, pita chips and cheese the first night while chatting til the wee hours of the morning.

Our old snacks always consisted of Double Stuff Oreos and Skim Milk and chips. Oh and lots of alcohol.

We did have alcohol this time, also...but there is no photo evidence of that.

The week at her house was quite, quite, QUITE eventful. I will not go into it, but we spent many days here:

No, no neither of us were in criminal trouble. But I will just say drugs are a terrible thing! It can ruin a family. While this was not what we intended to do all week, I am glad I was there to support my friend and her family through a tough situation. The precinct provided plenty of laughs!

The 114th precinct holds a special place in my heart, because it is the first place I ever dealt with when I started my career in Human Services. When I was in ugrad, I had to do an internship. My first outing as a baby caseworker was to drop off a kid to the 114th. The social worker I was with, left me at the precinct. She must have thought since I lived in NYC, I actually knew how to get around the city. WRONG! That day was the first day I had ever ridden public transportation alone. Scary!

Anyway, my trip was very nice. I was able to visit several friends.

First I met up with my Jersey friend, Kristen:

Kristen and I met on a message board that shall remain UNNAMED, and have become close friends. She is one of my only single friends. I so enjoy having her to bouce my crazy off of! It was the first time we met, and we hit it off instantly (like I knew we would!). We are going to DC for a half marathon in March. I can't wait to have several days to talk non-stop ;)

Zoi also came with us to the city. She was only mildly alarmed that Kristen and I had never met before LOL

Aside from meeting up with Kristen, I also met up with my old roomie and a college friend. Sorry, I completely forgot to take pics. However, it was SO good to get together with them. I hadn't seen Paula in 2 years and Blanca in about 8 years! It was a great evening of gabbing and catching up. Paula and Blanca didn't know each other, but they hit it off! Nice night of gabbing about men and the single life. Although, Paula is close to marriage now!

It's funny, Paula and I used to hang out with two other girls. We called ourselves the ethnic Sex in the City. We were four girls looking for love.We went out together a lot. Anyway, when I moved out of the City, Paula said, 'watch you will be married within the year.'...well, about 6 months after I moved back home, she called me and told me she met a guy. Now 2 years later, THEY are talking marriage. SO happy for her! Now will my husband PLEASE stand up ;)

On NYE, my friends Zoi and Danny had a house party. We had about 10 people. It was SO much fun. All of the friends there met through Zoi, but we have all become a fun group to hang out with. Lots of laugh, lots of liquor, and lots of fun.

These were my hosts for the week. Danny looks so hardcore in his ear muffs, right?

Zoi and Danny are getting married this year. I feel like I've watched their relationship grow into such a good thing. I am so excited for them. Zoi and I also went dress shopping. No pics of the dresses, obviously. She looked beautiful though. I had stifle back the tears. On 10/19/12, I fear we will all be blubbering messes.

Other highlights from my trip:

I wore red underwear on NYE. Kristen told me that we had to wear red. Red is supposed to bring love to your life. I took choosing a pair of underswear very seriously. I ended up choosing a pair of red lace trimmed undies with roses on them. In my head, they signified love, stability, romance, flirtiness and playfulness. All things I'd like in a relationship.

It was warm. Last year when I went, there was a snowstorm. This year when I went, I was able to leave the house without a coat a few days. Felt so good.

Bagels. I had the best bagel ever from Brooklyn Bagel.

My DL was left at VS. When I was leaving on Monday morning, I realized that my ID was MIA! Turns out when I opened the VS card, the lady never gave me my DL back. Thankfully, they were very nice and FedExed it back to me. They also sent me a 30% off my next purchase coupon. Score! More red undies for my lovah ;)

I hardly slept. I didn't go to sleep until 2-3 most nights. I am SO tired, but it was SO worth it.

I started my no sugar challenge. I started my challenge on 1/1. I didn't make it through the day, but knowing I was starting the challenge helped me choose my sugar wisely.

I ate too much. I ate my way through NYC. However, I don't care. I go once a year and NY has too much good food! I love the different ethnic food.

I laughed a lot. I laughed and laughed and laughed. It was good for my soul. 

I didn't run. I packed a few running pants to run. But I never made it out for a run. I am glad I didn't. I was on vacation. My body needed a rest. I did discover that running tights make great leggings ;)

I had so much fun and can't wait to go back!!

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