Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday! A start of a new week

I love Sunday's. It always feels like a new beginning. 

My Sunday will be spent relaxing, conquering hills at the park, and then cleaning. I will also make lunches for next week. I am going to make this lasagna from skinny taste.

I will also commit to my regular 5 days a week of exercise. Here is my tentative schedule:

Monday-Body Pump
Tuesday-Spin, and maybe 1-2 miles on the TM.
Wednesday-DOR-my favorite day of the week!
Thursday-Run (3-4 miles)
Friday-HIIT workout in the AM or spin
Saturday-long run

Friday may morph into a DOR. I normally do speed training with my group on Sunday, so I will probably drop Friday to rest up for a weekend of running.

I normally hate to read my horoscope or anything of the like. But lately, I guess I've been wanting/needing confirmation about my life, so I've been reading it more. Well, today is Chinese new year and I stupidly looked up my predictions. Two words describe it: Not Good. In all aspects-Money, relationship, work, family and health- I have bad predictions. At first it depressed me, but then I realized that stuff almost wants you to have a buy in for it. I have decided that I will live my life the way I planned it for the year. I can't predict when bad things will happen, so why should I prepare for a sucky year? I decided that this year will be great, so I will do everything in my power to make it as great as possible. 

I thought this picture was good for today. We have to set goals and attain them. No matter how much it hurts. 

I'm going to spend my year proving those silly predictions wrong! (please no one tell me how their predictions were right ;))

So with that said, have a great Sunday! 

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