Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sometimes BAD runs turn GOOD!

I promised myself when I started this blog, I'd talk about the good and bad of running. I read a lot of running blogs and I get frustrated at the fact that some of these peeps never have a bad run (at least they never talk about it)! I am one of the lucky few who have more bad runs than good, so I told myself I'd talk about them.

So here I go.

Like I said this morning, I had to meet my group for speed work this afternoon. I was supposed to meet them at 1-1:15. Like always, I took too long to get ready; stuff started popping up before I left the house--important stuff, like laundry, that couldn't wait til i got home; I lost my running shoes--read: I was rushing and put them down and forget where I put them (on top of the washing machine!); I forgot a snack, get the picture. As if that wasn't bad enough, I get in my car and see "15 miles til empty"--gaah!!

I sent a hurried Facebook message to my girls to let them know I'd be majorly late and to start without me. 

I get to the park...and no one was there. The entrance we meet at was closed. first instinct was to get back in my car and head home. Obviously, the run wasn't meant to be, right?!? But I knew that would mean that I'd have to get up tomorrow morning to do my run. So wanting to be lazy tomorrow beat out wanting to be lazy today.

I told myself I'd do 3 miles. 3 laps around the park. 

This park is particularly hilly. I knew I had a few tough workouts so I did not want to kill myself.

My first lap was ok, I started a bit slower but I made myself pick up the pace. The park has no shade and it was hot! The sun would come out and then the clouds would cover it. I got through the first mile without too much fanfare. The first mile always sucks for me, anyway.

For the second mile, I decided to veer off of the loop and go to a straight (flat) portion of  the trail. About .2 miles in, I knew I needed to stop. I started getting dizzy and my calves cramped up! I stopped, stretched and took off again. I stopped again at about 1.75 miles--stretched, caught my breath...then kept going to mile 2.

For the third mile, I only had to stop twice. Things were feeling better, but I was hot and it was windy!!

After I got to mile 3, I went to my car for water. I drank and rested a second and told myself I'd do one more loop around the hilly part.

So...I set off to do it. I was going to walk, but I was ready to I sprinted/walked it. Something took over me and I had the greatest interval splits. I even saw 8:xx for a nano second. 

I've had a few runs like that--they start sucky and end up good. 

It always is a lesson to me that persistence and never giving up is the key.

Oh and I also learned that TM running is just not the same as outdoor running for me.  I must get another outdoor run in before the weekend. Someone beat me over the head when I try to avoid it. Please and thanks!

Ok, now I can start the sunday chore of LAUNDRY!! Ex-ci-ting!! Don't be jealous :)

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