Sunday, January 29, 2012

A week in review...a new week starts

I went into this week feeling bloated. My period had recently started and I got massive bloat. Of course with bloat, comes the thoughts of, "what have I been eating", "I need to clean up my diet", and the old time fave..."I FEEEEEL FAAAATTTT"


Last Sunday, I set the week up with some goals--no chips and 5 days of working out.

I added the no chips goal because since going lower sugar, I've allowed myself to eat chips. Chips aren't a trigger for me, so it was a safe, indulgent food...well, hello, chips aren't healthy. So they must go. I didn't eat chips all week, but I did eat 3 servings yesterday. Umm...yea. My dad bought two bags and I was at them. Oh well...chips happen. 

I also found this funny shirt on Facebook. It sort of fit:

Chips aren't really a trigger food for me, so this challenge wasn't that hard and I don't mind chips occasionally. 

Here are the workouts I committed to for the week:


Monday-body pump-check! Great class, actually.
Tuesday-spin+run/walk on the TM-check!
Wednesday-rest-double check. My favorite days of the week ;)
Thursday's 3-4 mile run turned into my long run for the week. So, def check!
Friday-rest! After the long run, I needed a rest. 
Saturday-5.5 miles...check.

Sunday has become a wild card sort of day. Traditionally, it's my DOR. My group decided to do speed work on Sunday...but no one showed last week. So I didn't make an event for this Sunday. My plan was yoga, but I woke up too late for the class. I could do in home yoga...but I haven't made it that far, yet. I will see...

This week's workout plans will be similar to last week, with a few changes:

Monday- 3 mile run plus Body Pump. 3 miles will probably be sprints.
Tuesday-spin+1-2 miles on the TM.
Wednesday-dor or maybe strength

Diet goals will be to measure everthing! I used to be so good about using my measuring cups, spoons and scale. I need to get back to consistent use. So this week, I tackle that. Convienently, I didn't measure my coffee creamer this morning. I did measure the mayo I used on my breakfast sandwich. 

I leave you with this picture. So often I get the "but I can't do it", "it will NEVVVVVVVERRRRR happen", "whhhhhhy"....I saw this picture on Facebook and duh...just because it's not happening now doesn't mean it won't. That's my motivational thought for the week.

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