Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And then there were lights!! ...and it's WordFUL Wednesday!

It is supposed to be a wordy day and I don't have a lot to say.
My brain is on overdrive with what I have to do to move into the house. The process is stagnant, unless I am making some movements--duh! It's weird doing things by myself. My mom owns the house, and you'd think she would want more say, but she is totally an observer.'s up to me.

This week, I've bought a faucet for the kitchen sink and a stove. I also just got the electricity turned on. woohoo!

I am going to start painting the cabinets tomorrow or friday. I have to buy the paint I want for them and paint supplies. Exciting! I have a running list of what I need on my phone, but I may add a tab on the blog and list it there. I have ADD (seriously!) and the dreamer/proscrastinator in me can sometimes take over the the doer in me.

I have so many ideas and thoughts on what I want to do in this home. I am not even sure how long I will be living here. I think it will be at least until I get married--no other need to move, I suppose.

Since I have  been thinking about this home, I have thought about my original dream of home ownership. My parents have always owned their homes, and have instilled that value into my sister and me. While I am a little disappointed I have not made the leap into buying my own home, I am satisfied with this transition. It will be a test run of sorts. I also am so transitient. What if I decide to move out of the state tomorrow? As a single woman, it's probably not the smartest idea to tie myself to one place.

I always pictured myself in an older, charming home. I always wanted to keep some of the older features, but update some elements on the home. Unfortunately, in Houston we don't have any older neighborhoods being revamped. The city seems to be at a standstill with the older neighborhoods.

The other day, it donned on me, that the house I am moving into fits what I have always envisioned for myself in a home. It's in an older, stable neighborhood; it was built in the '70s; it's all brick; and it's sort of cute (';)). e The house is bigger than I wanted it to be--it is 4 bedrooms, I wanted a 2-3 bedroom...but still, it's older and basically a blank slate.

I am thankful that I even have this opportunity to help my mom out, but also to be helped!

Right now, unfortunately, most of my saved money is going towards things that are NEEDED in the home. I will decorate as I go, though! I have been a pinning fool. So I have lots of ideas.

My fitness/eating journey is going well. Yesterday I realized that I am eating too much bread. So instead of bringing a sandwich with my soup today, I brought a salad. It so good and fresh!

I am also going to run 3 miles today. I need to also do some sit ups or something!

Did you guys REALLY think I didn't have much to say?

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Run Amy Run said...

Congratulations on your move! We didn't own a home until 13 years ago, (well, we owned a condo for 5 years before that) and we're in our mid 50's! Your house trumps ours - we have 3b1ba!