Saturday, February 25, 2012


I feel awesome.

I ran 9 miles this morning, and walked 1 cool down mile. 

A few weeks ago, I started walking a mile after my runs. I felt like I was not getting a proper cooldown. The mile really helps me calm myself down, get my breathing back in order, and just relax--text while walking, listen to music, etc. I especially love texting on that mile. I'm sure all of the runners are thinking, "look at that chick, she is texting and I'm pushing it" makes me smile inside to be a rebel ;)

The run was pretty good. I felt a little tired at the beginning. I'm still playing around with my Mecca of pre-long run fuel. I went out last night and had fajitas--but only ate one tortilla, no rice and a bite or two of beans. The restuarant I went to offers spaghetti squash or green beans as a sub for the rice and beans. I chose this due to my "operation get the 6 pds off" goal. The spaghetti squash was really good, but a little sweet/salty for my taste buds, 

Also, on my run, I ran straight into the trail riders. It's Rodeo time in Houston, so a lot of festivities are going on today. I didn't realize the trail riders would be coming along my route, so I thought I'd miss them. But lo and behold, as I'm jogging back into the park there they were. I ran along side them for about 3ish miles. I had a bunch of cowboys cheering me on. I got embarrassed and started running faster! I always get so flustered when I get too much male attention. It was very flattering and a nice push for me. Also, as I was getting in, a cop gave me a thumbs up and told me that he had seen me about 6 times lol. I was like, "no you haven't"--I'm smooth. He says, "uh, yes I have".  It was cool seeing/knowing men notice me. After so many years of being basically invisible to the opposite sex, I still get all "aww" when a man actually takes notice of me, and just talks to me. 

My eating is going really well since I re-committed. I have journaled everyday on my fitness pal. I have also been hyper vigilant. My guess is the gain was temporary because it's almost gone, but in the last few days, I've noticed how the pds could have crept up. I was doing a bit too much of, "this is ok", "I'll have a bit of that"...since I'm mindful, I'm not just eating the gaucamole just because it came with my food, or the extra cheese, or the BLTs. I'm not sure if this path will lead me to goal--finally!, but it will lead me to being mindful and not complacent.

Alright, peeps--I'm headed to the great state of Louisiana for the night. Peace :)

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