Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's Wordful Wednesday!

Hi guys!
 Everyone knows that I am full of thoughts and words, so wordless wednesday never works for me. I am also a non-conformist, so I guess it's only appropriate that I change the blogging trend and change WordLESS Wednesday into WordFUL Wednesday.

I did not get my workout in yesterday. I woke up at 2AM and was up until around 4AM on Tuesday morning. I normally go to spin on Tuesday morning. Spin starts at 5:30. I woke up at 5 to go, but as I was getting dressed, I got lightheaded (tired), so I went back to sleep. My intentions were to go to spin in the evening or run. But I got off of work late, I was tired, yadaya...excuses.

To repent for my non-working out sins, I woke up this morning at 5AM to have a date with the TM.
I get to the gym and notice that one show is tighter than the other. I think it's my laces, so I bend down to relace my shoes and notice this:

Who really leaves the house with two different gym shoes on? For a second, I thought about turning around and going home, but the trooper in me decided to go with the craziness.

I ran 4 miles in two different shoes. Funny enough, this run was a run that I had no pain. I wonder if there is something to wearing a tighter shoe on the foot that gives me a lot of trouble? LOL.

I did a progressive hill workout this morning:
5 min warm up walk
5 min jog
.5 mile jog on a 5% incline. My jog was only a 5
I rested for .1
Ran for .5
Rinse, wash, repeat.
I increased the mileage on each mile repeat.
It felt so good that I continued to 4 miles vs. just doing my scheduled 3 miles. That almost never happens. My legs felt so light and loose. The half mile inclines helped the running feel effortless.

On to my eating.
This is my motto for the week:
I saw this picture this weekend on facebook. I immediately saved it to my phone and put it on my lock screen.

Unfortunately it did not keep me out of the cookies this weekend. However, it's been working this week.

Last night, right before my last client, I got hit by the hunger bug. I was going to stop and get some peanuts, but I was running a bit late. I went on to the clients' home. It was a couples' session. Lucky for me, they chose to have snack time before I got there (the devil was busy!). He was eating ice cream and she was eating doritos. They offered me some of both...of which, I declined. I got into my car and was craving doritos. I had to use the restroom, so I stopped at a grocery store and got some baked doritos. I was going to just eat them out of the bag until I got home. I noticed a baggy from lunch. So I poured some chips and ate those. Win!

When I got home, I ended up eating two pcs of chicken and a few more Doritos.

After dinner, I was head hungry. I was also searching for something. My sister made peanut butter cookies. I told her to put all of the stuff UP! Of course, when I go down to the kitchen a few hours later, the cookie dough was sitting on the counter AND a cookie was left on the pan. I felt like a man who was lusting after an untouchable woman. Sick, right? I really wanted those cookies and cookie dough. But, I resisted. I got a grapefuit and a healthy serving of yogurt raisins. After I ate those things, I brushed my teeth and read my book.

I love small victories. I didn't need the baked Doritos or the yogurt raisins, but they were a much better alternative to real doritos AND peanut butter cookies/dough.

I am also the most hardheaded person in the world. I have been saying that I am going to chart these binge feelings. I got a calendar, I started charting my good/bad days. But I still haven't started charting when I have those familiar binge feelings. I am going to change that. I charted the feeling yesterday. I am hoping to find a pattern to attack the issue.

In marathon news.
I still have my heart set on a marathon for 2012. It might not happen, though. I entered the lotto for the NYC marathon--I won't hear back from them until April 28. My back up plan was the Chicago Marathon. However, the registration opened and closed in record time! 6 days.

I did not register, because I didn't want to shell out extra money.

I almost did. I have several friends who are running it as their first marathon. However, I just couldn't risk getting into two marathons in a month. I am definitely NOT a type of runner who can backdoor marathons. I know me not signing up for the Chi-town marathon basically seals the deal that I won't get into the NYC marathon. Murphy's law and all...

I have come to terms that it's OK if I do not do my first marathon in 2012. If I don't get into NYC, I will just do the Houston Marathon in January.

I came across this picture on facebook today...
OMG...are these people talking to me or what?

I am the biggest excuse maker. I need to stop the bullshit excuses.

The end.

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