Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I love the changes in me

I have been on this journey a long time, so I should be used to the 'new' me, but I am not.

Last night I laid down around 9:30, before lying down, I set my alarm for 5AM. Spin is at 5:30AM. I set my alarm because I have been missing my early morning spin classes, and I wanted to make sure I went this morning.

After setting my alarm, and laying down...I started to think, 'maybe I'll do kettlebells tomorrow morning', or 'maybe I will do Jillian'. I also started to get really excited about eating a banana before my workout. <~~it's the small things in life!

I remember a time when I dreaded working out. I used to be one of those people who could not IMAGINE how someone could enjoy working out. I used to always laugh when someone said they were a gymrat. (I am still NOT a gymrat!)

I would always tell myself, I'd start. I would join gyms--go a few times and stop. When I first started losing weight, I joined a gym. I had a personal trainer. I would do the weights with her, but I HATED cardio.

I have joined curves--went for one summer in college, then stopped.

I joined Lucille Roberts--I went to one class and the instructor wore me out. Never went back. I did get on the TM a few times.

Whenever I would start on a new workout voyage, I'd have good intentions. But, as the time went on, I would start making excuses. I am not sure what changed in me, maybe it was running? Or maybe it was the fact that I knew I needed something to help me maintain?

But something changed.

Now, I crave exercise.

~It's become my time to think.
~My time to daydream--I love daydreaming. My mom used to call me a dreamer when I was a kid, because I'd daydream all day long.
~My time to look at myself in the mirrors and admire who I have become
~My time to be with other people who want to make changes in their bodies. I love being in a fitness classes and seeing all shapes and sizes doing the same thing
~My time to be selfish
~Also, let's be honest, it brings bragging rights
~It also allows a few extra calories--even though, that can be to my detriment. One extra calorie leads to 500 for me! LOL

The benefits of exercise are endless. My body has changed so much. I feel so good when I am finished. I love that pit of the stomach burn I get when I push myself.

I also just love being apart of the elite group of people who workout.

I don't know what the magic piece of advice is for someone who is just starting out.

This is how I started:

First, I tried something I never thought I would like. I tried running. I didn't jump into running. I started with walking. Once I started running, I craved it!

I ran until I got bored with running. I knew my history with joining and stopping gyms. So I just bought workout videos. I'd do a video for several weeks, then buy a new one. I bought videos until I had several to choose from.

Eventually, I joined a gym. It took a long time to commit to joining a gym, but I did last year and I have been faithful.

I also suggest getting a calendar and charting exercise. Put an activity down on the days. I find when I have an activity, I don't have to think about it. Sort of like pre-journalling your food intake. If it's there, I do it.

I also allow rest days! Oh, how I love rest days. I also have 'call in sick' workout days. Somedays I am just not feeling it, so I don't do it. I also have a secret goal of 5 days a week, but I am ok with 4 days.

This morning I made my spin class. I love that class. It's like a 5:30AM dance party, on a bike. I didn't think I was working too hard while in class. However, once I got off of my bike, I was appropriately soaked. I also could barely walk. And I am STARVING.

Love your body! Love moving it ;)

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