Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yay it's Tuesday

..and Valentine's day.

I like to think I'm an independent, strong woman. I like to hear myself roar on occasion, but nothing brings me down more than the ever present day of LOVE.

All week, ok month, I've been planning how I will not worry about this day. After all, it's just a Hallmark Holiday, right? Yea, right...the only people who say that are people who are married or people who are trying to make themselves feel better for not having a valentine. It's also silly to save "love" for one day out of the year, right? Yep, another excuse uttered by single people who want to make themselves feel better. 

I'll be perfectly honest. Being single year after year just sucks. Maybe underneath all of this bravado I appear to have, I am just a romantic at heart. Whenever I see a new set of flowers posted on Facebook, or someone calls me to tell me what their beau bought them...I go "aww", but immediately after the "aww" slips out, bitterness creeps in. I know it's not right, I know I need to just embrace singledom and for the most part, I do. 

But, I'm not too woman to say,

Being single on v-day just sucks.

However, it doesn't entirely suck...

The good part is I don't have to deal with getting my hopes up over a perfect day/gift, only to get nothing or be let down.

I can do anything for myself.

I can stuff myself with chocolate without some man looking at me like I'm a pig :p

And I always pick out the perfect gifts for myself. Nichelle, thank YOU for the coach purse and wallet! and the deposit on the water bill in your new house. And all of the fancy appliances you are about to buy.

I know it's PC and very forward of me not to care, but in actuality I do. 

However, I will wait patiently for my one and only. And boy when he comes, he has A LOT of making up to do ;) 

And just to treat myself to a healthier body, I went to the gym over lunch time. My intentions were to go to spin, but as luck would have it, all of the bikes were taken. So I went to the TM for 4.2 miles of not so much fun. But it's done and it's marked on the calendar. 

Thanks for reading my whiney, but not too whiney, woe is me post ;)

I will now go stuff myself with chocolate, cry and watch the Notebook now...

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