Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's March 1

I have always liked the month of March. The month holds such possibility. Springtime is coming. The weather is changing. I always love the fact that I can wear sandals, tank tops, jean jackets, etc. I love the springtime! I also like to keep my car clean at this time of the year.

This month is going to be a particularly busy month for me.

On March 16th, I head to DC for the Rock n' Roll half marathon. I can not wait! I love DC. I have been several times and it just feels so refreshing. I've always loved the city, but most cities come with dirt. DC is so clean and crisp. A friend of mine has committed to doing four half marathons this year, so when she mentioned her first one was in DC, I of course had no issue with inviting myself to tag along! While I am there, I will also be seeing a friend from college. And I will be meeting several ladies from an online weight loss forum I belong to. The weekend will be so fun!

I did my first half marathon in 11/2010. After that experience, I was not thrilled with the idea of doing another half. Races just aren't my thing--I get a lot of race anxiety. However, I am looking forward to this race. I am not looking forward to the killer elevation. In preparation for the hills, I have been doing a lot of hill and speed workouts. I am not sure if I will PR from my half marathon, but I have made up my mind to enjoy the day and the course. I need to find the joy in races, not wallow in the 'shame' of being 'slow'. There is absolutely nothing shameful about running 13.1!

On March 19th, I submit my paperwork to be approved to sit for my licensure exam to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. It's funny, I never wanted to do clinical work. However, one client and a good clinical supervisor changed my opinion of therapy. When I was in school, I never even had a goal of getting my LCSW, but I am so glad I followed this route. 1. It brings more prestige and 2. It's more marketable. I am not excited to wait for the board to approve me--I've heard they can be nitpicky. I am also not looking forward to studying and taking ANOTHER test!

Finally, at the end of March, my home should be move-in ready. I am so excited at the possibility of living alone again. It's been a long time of living with people. I am getting slightly nervous at being in a silent home again, but the nervousness is outweighed by the excited of having my own.

Today I am very proud to say, I beat the lunch time binge monsters and got a large Chili from Wendy's and a side salad. Isn't it funny how we want the 'bad' stuff, but the good stuff tastes so good? I had forgotten how good and fresh a Wendy's side salad is. It really hit the spot.

Today is a day of rest for me. My legs are aching! However, tomorrow I have a slow 3 miler planned before work and then my last long run before the half on Saturday.

Also, tomorrow night, I am going with some friends to see John Legend! He isn't my favorite artist, but I like him enough to see him for 27.00. It should be fun. The girls I am going with are hilarious and we click.

Alright....I've procrastinated enough. Back to work. Too bad that LCSW just means more work, not no work ;)

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