Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why I want to lose weight Day 3

I want to lose weight to run a strong, safe, and healthy MARATHON in November.

Today IS the day that New York Road Runner does the lottery picks for the Marathon. I am SO excited and on pins and needles.

Yesterday, I actually took pics of my breakfast and lunch. However, I am on a computer and my pictures are on the phone! So disorganized.

My menu from yesterday was:

Omelet - 2 egg whites, 1 egg; ham slices and cheese

Salad with red pepper and avocado (a fav right now)
Stuffed chicken breast

Snacks: (this is where the day gets hairy)
2 dove dark chocolate squares
Luna Bar (got hungry on the way home...)
Chocolate covered almonds (umm...)
2 glasses of wine (what a weird craving......)
1 serving of trail mix


One enchilada

My issue yesterday was that I started snacking when I walked through the door. I saw the almonds and grabbed 2-3, then went back for 2-3 more, and so it goes...

This morning, I woke up and did the 30 day Shred. It felt good to work my body out! I can't believe I've gotten through most of the month of that challenge. It makes me feel so good!

Now off to continue to do busy work until I know about the marathon.

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