Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why I want to lose weight day 2 and my journal

I want to be in control.

My journal. Umm, I forgot to take pictures of everything! Who does that? It was the first day...

But, this is what I ate:

2 egg whites, 1 egg
Slice of cheese
Coffee with natural bliss creamer

Salad with avocado and red pepper
Chicken breast
2 bliss dark chocolate squares

Salad with avocado
2 servings of trail mix

30 day shred level 3, day 3 or 4.

I did not eat the jalapeƱo flavored fritos that were calling my name when I walked through the door. I did not stop and get nuts when I was "hungry" on the way home.

I did go to bed insanely early last night. The night before, I didn't sleep well.

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