Monday, April 16, 2012

I am so distracted-MONDAY!!

It's not like I don't have a ton to do, but I am so distracted.

My thoughts are:



Good Men!

Why am I thinking about those two things on a monday morning? Umm...because I am single woman and have neither.

Babies are just in the back of my mind. I do not think they are a fresh, must have tomorrow, want. Just a turn that my brain has made. For several years, I shut my mind off to the idea of children. Now, suddenly, my brain is saying, "you want babies!"...but before I can have one,

I must get a GOOD MAN.

Why are good men on my mind? Well, because I've been running across several in my normal life and it's just making me realize that I want one. Not tomorrow...but one day.

I think about my dating history, and the guys I typically date. They are typically--good looking, dark, tall (one shorty thrown in there), flashy, and appealing. They have all had different things that attracted me to them. They also had one thing in common--ARROGANCE!! I don't think I've ever dated a man that wasn't arrogant in some way. They have all been nice men, imo...but they were all arrogant. It was disguised as 'confidence', but if I was was arrogance.

I am not trying to say that arrogant men can't be nice guys but they are typically too wrapped up into themselves to be just a nice guy.

I'm trying to get out of sizing a guy up before showing my interest. I think I am finally getting to a point in my life where the qualities of a guy matter. I mean, qualities have always mattered...but looks came first.

I am trying to change this about myself.

I will just talk about a few nice men who have been on mind...they are all taken, so no need to ask ;)

First is a guy I used to date. When I was dating this guy, I was dating one other guy and my ex came back into my life. This guy was the nice guy of the bunch. We met on Plenty of Fish. Our first meeting was at Starbucks. The guy was INTO ME. He was so nice, he listened, he asked questions...he planned the second date on the first. Everything a girl wants, right? Um.. a normal girl, I suppose. We went on date number 2. He was attentive, he chose a FUN date, we had fun. What was wrong? Well, I kept telling myself that I didn't feel any chemistry, he wasn't physically what I'd normally go for, etc. At the time, I was also dating a bad boy. This guy didn't call regularly or anything, but he was appealing. I was chasing HIM hard, while the nice guy was chasing me hard...insert the REAL bad guy, my ex. My ex came back and both the nice guy and the bad boy were basically history. My ex was my 'true' love and when he came back, I didn't have time for either.

Anyway, nice guy called me several times to try to get back with me...but I completely ignored him. When my ex burned me about a year later, the nice guy reached back out to me and asked if he could have another chance. I just wasn't 'ready'...

Well, fast forward and he with a nice girl. I am happy for him, I am...he deserves someone that can see his goodness, but why the freak was I so vain?? I am still kicking myself for not seeing that this man was a nice guy and probably would have worshipped the ground I walked on!!

Nice guy number 2 is a guy I work with. We have never had a relationship or anything, but he is just a geniunely nice guy. He is so nice to his girlfriend. I contract with his agency, and he makes me feel comfortable whenever I come in! Most recently was this morning, his agency is doing something and my office was taken over by stuff. He called to ask if I was coming in, when I told him yes...he cleared a spot for me to have a place to work. It made my heart melt. He is just a geniunely NICE person. His girlfriend is very lucky!

The next guy is a guy at a school I do groups in. He is the Assistant Principal of discipline. So basically, he I LOVE how he is with the boys. He is TOUGH on them (it's an all boys school. The school is the last stop before juvenile for a lot of the boys)...but he is SO respectful to them.  I love how he can demand respect, but still let THEM maintain their self respect. I also love that when I did an activity with the boys to identify the people in their life that they can trust, about 50% of the boys named him. Um...~swoon~ A bonus is he is dreamy, lol...hey, a girl has eyes!

I have luckily had a lot of good encounters with nice guys. I love these encounters, because it's makes my conviction at wanting one and getting one even stronger.

Now that I have gotten this out of my head, hopefully I can work!

Oh yea, this is supposed to be a diet and fitness blog... let me update on that quickly.

I am doing a Daily 30 Day Shred Challenge. I am 15 days in and loving it! My other cardio has reduced, but it's for the best!

Eh, could be better!

Ta-ta for now :)

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Run Amy Run said...

Nichelle, my wish for you and for my 2 grown daughters is to find love with a man as lovely as my husband of almost 32 years. You said it well - there is nothing quite so wonderful as living life with a good man. I mean good to the core. The kind of man who is kind and patient with your mother. THAT IS GOOD!! Keep an open mind and heart. He's out there waiting for a good woman.