Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why are race pics so flattering?

Below are my race pictures from the Turkey Trot. Are race photos a punishment for PAYING to run??? Let me tell you a story of my race:
Er, you will have to start at the end...


Don't you hate when you look like you are walking?

The guy next to me is PROOF that I was not walking. Or maybe he was just speeding past me?
Why do I never think to wave at race photographers?

Gosh, girl, stop waving those arms! LOL

I look determined!

Finally, one that doesn't look too bad!

Am I taking a rest? LOL.

I know these pictures aren't that bad, but geesh, when why don't race photos every make you look like a graceful swan-like runner?

1 comment:

HappyInHoboken said...

You look great in your race pics - I'm jealous! Love the girl behind you. lol