Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cake and Cereal for breakfast...say what???

This morning I woke up with great intentions of eating healthy food. However, when I got downstairs, something took ahold of me and said "Nichelle, it's ok to have ONE more free day..." Soo, like a true blue fatty, I had cake and honey nut cheerios for breakfast.

My niece (2) is here visiting, and she was hungry, so I shared my (huge) bowl of cereal with her. I doubt her little bitty bites made up for my heaping bites, but hey, whatever makes me feel better. I did not share my cake with her ;)

On a serious note, I know eating cake and cereal for breakfast isn't something I can do every morning. However since beginning my WL journey 11 yrs ago, I will have periods of time of being "off" from dieting. This is one of those times. I was pretty good diet-wise for most of November, so I can do a few days of indulging. I will be back on plan tomorrow. Speaking of being back on plan, I am contemplating how this will look for me. I've done several plans in my 11 yr journey. I had the most success with WW, but I did not lose an ounce on the last plan. I think for the month of December, I will do low-carb and stick with my exercise plan.

In other news, I went shopping yesterday and scored some great stuff!

Candy land game for my play therapy kit.
Cabbage Patch doll for my niece
Riding boots that actually fit my calves!!! So excited about those. I will be so cute in NYC next month
A new comforter set with matching curtains. My friend, K, has convinced me to feng shui my i am starting with my room.

With that, I'm out! I need to get ready for another fun filled day of shopping. Issue is that today I have no moolah :p

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