Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ran-dumb running/exercise thoughts (and why I want to lose weight #9)

Am I the only one that has wild thoughts, writes speeches, has arguments with people, creates to do list?

Like have you ever been spinning your heart out, and BAM your ex's ugly face comes into your head and says something that pisses you off?

Or, you are having a great run, you feel strong, you feel sexy and strong; then BAM, a comment a bitch made to you MONTHS ago resurfaces and you get all angry. And isn't it funny that when something like thsi happens, you have the perfect comeback?

Or, you are having a good run, and you start thinking about the kid who stepped on your foot when you were 10. You KNOW it was on purpose, so you go through a whole list of things you'd tell the kid.

Or, you are having a great spinning day and you start thinking about your sister getting married, so you start writing her speech? I may or may not have written my bestfriend AND my sister's wedding speeches, my commencement speech, my acceptance speech for Social Worker of the year. During all of this 'writing', I also teared up at the honor of being 'asked' to do these things. Yes, I am crazy.

Or, have you ever had a daydream so good, you didn't want to stop the exercise?

I love daydreaming and thinking. I am often found staring into space with deep thoughts. I often have trouble sleeping because of my thoughts. However, now with exercise, I find myself being able to channel the thoughts into the exercise.

It's funny ran-dumb thoughts while running also seem like dreams. Once I finish the run/exercise, they dissipate and I have to try to remember what I thought about.

I am obviously on a very good exercise high right now, can you tell? 

Reason #9
I want to lose weight because I want to fit into ALL of my size 10's and I want to get to size 8. When I first started losing weight, my goal was a size 12. I got to size 12, my goal became a 10. Now I would like to aim for an 8. I think I was able to fit into an 8 for about 3 mins. Now I am between a 10 (on a good day) - 12 (the rest of the time). Kidding, I fit into more of my 10's than 12's, but they are a bit tighter than I prefer. 

Today is also a very big day! This evening, the movers come! Yay! I just have a few more hours in between me, my stuff and an empty house that will soon be filled with my parent's old furniture. ;)

I also have two bottles of wine being chilled in the refrigerator. A glass of wine, my TV  and alone time await me!


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