Monday, May 14, 2012

Motivation: The 'it takes too long' edition

I want to stay with the theme of motivation.

I have been thinking a lot about motivation since last wednesday.

While sitting in the meeting room, I was listening to the (very good) motivators that were being thrown out, but I couldn't help but think to myself, 'but what about those people who have been at this for YEARS' do THEY keep the motivation to persist?

That is the crux of my issue. It's something that stays on my mind, especially lately.

I have been at this since September 1999.

Roughly 12 years. In those 12 years, I have lost a lot-- but also went to college, went through a million relationships, went through several moves, and just lived life.

I have always been 80/20 with my weight loss goals. I think this is what has kept me from not gaining all of the weight back.

However, I always see people who have a lot to lose say, 'it takes so long' and get discouraged and stop.

Yes, it takes a long time; yes, it's tedious; no, it's not FAIR--but, when it's done, it's done!

I want to tackle another 40-50 pds. I wrote out my current motivators in my last post, but in this post, I want to highlight some reasons WHY I continue this and have for 12 years.

~I enjoy feeling comfortable in my own skin.
~I like not having to buy plus sized clothing.
~I like being the girl who workouts regularly.
~I like feeling in control--most of the time.
~I like when people say I inspire them.
~I like when I walk into a room, I don't feel insecure.
~I like being an example to my younger sister.
~I like not having to worry about if my stomach will touch the steering wheel of my car. (I remember being deathly afraid of this when I first started driving).
~I like not ever having to worry about breaking a chair again. (I did this once)
~I like not ever having to worry about getting on a crowded elevator. (I hated when I got on and it would drop a little--mortified!)
~I like not worrying about being 'too fat' for a date. I feel like I am normal enough, that men don't notice the 'extra' pds ;) (this one could just be in my head)

I know there are a million more changes in my life that losing weight has done. I know there are a million MORE changes that can happen if I lose more weight.

I try to look back at my journey, but also look ahead at my unwalked journey.

I have adopted the motto of "it never ends"...I think end dates, are just that. It ends, you move on to the next goal. However, with fitness, does it really ever end? Probably not. And I think that's normal!

So with that said, how is WW going?

Well, it's been a whole 4 days and I am doing very well, if I do say so myself! I got through a whole weekend of journalling and being on plan. I have 8 weeklies left, 24 activity points earned. I am still learning the tricks to the trade, but overall, I feel good and optimistic that this time could be it.


Run Amy Run said...

You really do inspire! And not only in the realm of weight loss. Most goals in life that are worth attaining and maintaining require focus and long-term commitment. I think that it takes a lot of maturity to not only understand this but to accept this and even embrace this notion. And in many ways, it makes the journey as important as the "end result".

Keep up the great work and enjoy every success along the way.

Nichelle said...

Thanks, Amy! That's sweet of you to say. It's been a long road that seems to never end ;)