Monday, November 26, 2012

I am so bad...and boring!

I started a post here a few weeks ago, the computer ate my, I did what all normal people would do. I closed the browser and focused on something else :P

Since I last posted, a lot has gone on.

The long and short of it?

I've been in two weddings--Congrats to the Ceron's and the Waters'!

I've gained some poundage back--boo to those pounds!

I've done A LOT of decorating--love that! It's so fun!

I've proscratinated on studying for my licensure test--boo!

Finally, I've started running again :)

I think the last time I posted here, I was still running. However, I stopped. Like, stopped all together. I went to spin, walked a bit...but, no running.

I've returned to this sport and I love it. I am now running with my dog, a black lab. Oh yea, not sure I ever posted that here. I got a black lab in May. He is so sweet and a great running buddy.

We I am training for a half in December. I was sort of dreading it, but now I am excited about it.

I am also doing a lot of re-thinking my food intake. While I was absent, I got pulled back into a dark eating place. I am proud to say that I am clawing my way out. It's been 2-3 weeks and no binging :)

So...with that, I will return to blogging.

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